Why you? Starting your first podcast

Lots of people want to start a podcast but put it off because they doubt themselves.

I’m here to say that you have a voice and if you want to start podcasting then you owe it to yourself to at least start.

You may discover it’s not for you (as there is a bit of donkey work involved – writing these show notes for example).

But you may love it, get into your stride and build a whole new hobby or raise your profile to become the ‘go to’ person for information on your subject matter / genre.

My advice though, is to write down the subject headings of your first 10 podcasts before you start – particularly if your show is not driven by news and events.

If you still have the enthusiasm for hosting podcasts after the first 10 episodes have been released then you may be onto something.

If not…well podcasting isn’t for everyone – so perhaps use a different outlet, start a blog and publish your thoughts or grab a camera and make videos about it.

But don’t let self doubt get in the way….