Grass roots radio

Social media, email, and podcasts have revolutionized the way we communicate. No longer do you have to convince a journalist to report on an issue that matters to you, or hope the local newspaper or radio station will support your campaign or organization.

Grassroots media is growing as people realize that they can be the media. They can broadcast their choice of music and talk shows.

Digital radio is open to anyone and it’s an ideal platform for single-issue and community groups to promote their view. To highlight matters of concern, promote their organization and cause, and connect with like-minded people and organisations.

Podcasts absolutely have their place when it comes to play-on-demand content. But digital radio allows people to broadcast live – be it from a meeting, a discussion panel, street protest, or one-on-one interview.

People from anywhere in the world can listen live. And this allows listeners to chip in with comments and questions in real time – the interviewer and interviewee can respond to questions and comments on the fly.

When you’re not broadcasting live you can place recorded shows and campaign messages on a loop or give access to other community groups with something to say. You can share the resource.

Ultimately; if the media isn’t helping then you replace them. Give yourself a voice, give your group a voice, and give your community a voice with digital radio.