The most important element of recording a podcast

It seemed every man, woman, and their dog wanted to start a podcast in 2020. I guess people suddenly had time on their hands and decided that the time was right to launch the podcast they’d been talking about for the past five years.

While plenty of people had the where-with-all to record something, plenty were stumped when it came to distributing their shows and getting them on the key podcast distribution sites.

Nevertheless, the most popular question was about which microphone to buy, closely followed by which app to record and edit with.

My view is that almost any microphone you have is likely good enough, where most people need to pay attention is the room in which they record in. And that’s the key subject of this podcast.

As for the apps… Well I am currently using the free OcenAudio app for recording (surprisingly versatile and full-featured) and Reaper for (non-destructive) editing / post production (free 30-day trial or $60).