10 tips to promote your new station

How your radio station can make an impact from day one

Someone about to start a net station asked how they can I create a storm of interest for the launch for their new station.

It is a good question and one every new broadcaster needs to address as early as possible.

I think it a good idea to soft launch stations to iron out any issues, get everything bedded in and playing out correctly (particularly if you are new to using Auto DJ).

Now, about that song and dance… How to create a bit of a buzz and encourage people to stop listening to the station they currently enjoy and give your one a try. Here’s my shoot-from-the-hip top 10  list of things to … Read the rest “10 tips to promote your new station”

How to market your digital station

Cut through the clutter to make your mark

I don’t know who first said ‘build it and they will come’, but they were likely referring to bricks and mortar High Street retailers rather than radio broadcasting.

Radio broadcasting, no matter how it is transmitted, is an intangible entity. You can’t see it or touch it. It only becomes truly worth while when people listen to it; and you can’t force people to listen to anything.

Your listeners have to want to listen. But first, they need to be told you exist.

It’s one thing to happen across a new shop while walking down the street, it’s quite another to happen upon a new radio station – unless it can cause a buzz. And to take … Read the rest “How to market your digital station”