Digital radio station basics

You have a digital radio station – now what?

Will you broadcast mixed programming? Every show featuring a different host playing a different genre of music along with speech based shows, local news, and phone-ins?

Or are you going to be a single genre station; playing only jazz, soul, dance, or rock… Or a single decade station; playing just 60s, or 70s, or 80s, or 90s, etc…

Auto DJ

As a broadcaster you have two options, and they can mix and match depending on how much energy, time and money you have.

  1. Upload MP3 tracks and pre-recorded shows and schedule them in Auto DJ to play out at times you set.
  2. Have people present their show live from where-ever they live.

Whichever you choose, do … Read the rest “Digital radio station basics”

How to market your digital station

Cut through the clutter to make your mark

I don’t know who first said ‘build it and they will come’, but they were likely referring to bricks and mortar High Street retailers rather than radio broadcasting.

Radio broadcasting, no matter how it is transmitted, is an intangible entity. You can’t see it or touch it. It only becomes truly worth while when people listen to it; and you can’t force people to listen to anything.

Your listeners have to want to listen. But first, they need to be told you exist.

It’s one thing to happen across a new shop while walking down the street, it’s quite another to happen upon a new radio station – unless it can cause a buzz. And to take … Read the rest “How to market your digital station”