Radio shows

My first venture into the world of radio was joining my local hospital radio in Southend, Essex. At 17 I was the youngest member of the team and had to wait until I was 18 before being allowed to host a show. Getting to the station involved a 90 minute journey that involved two buses and a long walk – but I was determined to work in radio.

My first programme was Spectrum Motown, a weekly half-hour show charting the history of the iconic record label (I knew nothing about Motown, but got up to speed PDQ). I went on to host the request show and then read the nightly news.

By a stroke of good fortune I found myself managing a Radio Top Shop ‘station’ in Southend, hosting shows for the best part of five years. At the same time I was also a nightclub DJ working across Essex, Kent and London – with occasional stints abroad.

Later I hosted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio, tech-oped at Essex Radio, worked in its newsroom, and went on to produce news features at BBC Essex.

There was a big gap away from the microphone – during which time I worked as a newspaper journalist and editor. Then podcasting became a thing, and with that I started a weekly round-up of business news in 2008. Then the penny dropped – I was just an MP3 away from recording music shows and syndicating them to stations around the world.

Slowly my recording space developed and pro gear acquired. Sennheiser and Electrovoice microphones, acoustic treatment of my recording space, top-end audio apps, broadcast desk, and quality monitor speakers. And that led to editing other people’s podcasts.

The Pleasuredome

The old adage of ‘do what you know’ came to mind and so 80s dance music show The Pleasuredome was born. Jingles were made and the show went on to feature on more than 100 digital and FM stations worldwide. Imitations quickly followed (one using the same name!)…

Pleasuredome jingle

The show had a dedicated website that featured lots of online 80s arcade games to play, 80s artist music news, tour information, and then The Pleasuredome stage play was launched – but that was nothing to do with me. My show went on to expand into the 90s until it run its course.

The Pleasuredome with Steve Hart.

Just Jazz

Following on from the dance music show came Cool Nights, a weekly programme of news, interviews, and cool music that morphed into a smooth jazz show called Just Jazz featuring new releases, jazz funk, and nothing older than the 80s.

Cool Nights jingle
Demo of the Just Jazz show.