Music Licensing

You need a license to broadcast music

If you are broadcasting commercial music, then you will need to pay the performers, songwriters and ‘record’ companies their fair share.

Here are some of the organizations you will need to know about. Ask  us about Geo Blocking your broadcast so it can only be heard in countries where you want it to be heard.

This is not an exhaustive list or music licensing authorities, nor can we take responsibility for helping to point you in the right direction, so please do your own checks to ensure you are broadcasting within the rules/laws.

However, if you are broadcasting just talk radio with royalty-free music, then you might not need a license, still – it is worth checking.

New Zealand: OneMusic and APRA (you need a license from each organization).

Australia: PPCA

USA: BMI and ASCAP and SoundExchange


Germany: Gema and GVL

France: Secam

Netherlands: Bumastermra