Lars Taylor talks about his career and new single Sweet Onion

Lars Taylor began his musical career in the 1990s; moving from his native Switzerland to work as a popular and versatile session guitarist and keyboard player in Berlin.

Back then he was known as Lars Rüetschi (his real name) and was kept busy in the studio – playing on many hits with popular artists of the day, and as a live performer – until around 2009.

Following a break of a few years he returned to writing and recording music in his home studio, based in a quiet Swiss village – well away from the frantic life of a big city.

Although he prefers not to be placed in any music genre, his two most recent releases are popular with fans of smooth jazz.

Lars Taylor talks about his career and new release Sweet Onion.

Sweet Onion was released in 2019 and is still regularly featured on the radio, and his latest single Keep it Going is gaining in popularity every day. Both tracks involved iconic producer Paul Brown in post production.

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