How to design your podcast logo

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your podcast artwork.

In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I say that restraint is a key requirement as it is ideal to keep the logo simple and restrict yourself to no more than 2 colours plus black or white. Ideally…use one colour.

If you already have a company logo then your job is basically done; you just need to use the existing colours, logo and fonts to create your podcast artwork.

If you don’t have this then you have a free hand to do what you want. But keep it simple.

Remember also that colours do have meaning. Racing green or navy blue are used by banks and more conservative organizations. Light blue is fresh, water. Orange is used by PayPal because the colour is trusted.

Some fonts have curly ends (serif) and others are square or rounded (san serif). Choose a font that will remain clear to read at any size – from very teeny-weeny to as big as Ben-Hur.

Your artwork will need to work at different sizes and shapes for each of the podcast libraries (Apple, Stitcher, Spreaker…) And you may want to adopt it for clothing, car stickers, trade signage, or a business card.

And of course, your logo needs to be reflected in the colours used on your website to keep everything married together – coherent, consistent.

So check out the podcast libraries, take a gander at the artwork other people use and while you can’t copy it wholesale you may get some good ideas. And do a search for the meaning of coloursso you choose the best ones that reflect the genre of your podcast.

No matter what you do, always ask why? Why these words, colours, fonts, shape.