Avoid low quality audio with Voip services

We are all used to chatting with people via Voice Over IP (Voip) services such as Skype and Zoom etc, and we all know the audio quality isn’t always that brilliant.

In addition to low audio quality, there are often frequent audio drop-outs and sometimes people’s voices become fuzzy and garbled – just when they say something important.

So while Voip services can be used to record a podcast interview, if you really do want the best possible audio quality then there is a simple(ish) workaround that includes using the Voip service of your choice together with a belt-and-braces approach.

And that required each party to the interview to record themselves locally.

They can use a digital recorder, perhaps their phone (at a high quality audio setting), or a mic connected to their computer.

Any audio issues resulting from the Voip service will be inconsequential as you will have ‘clean’ audio recorded locally.

Then you just bring those recordings into your multi-track audio editing and work with the supplied files.

But even then, it’s not foolproof – as audio drift can be an issue – but there is a solution…