Own it – get a website for your podcast

Having a dedicated website for your podcast can help podcasters in lots of ways.

It provides a central anchor point for the podcast that isn’t reliant on any streaming service and it allows you to create and publish content that isn’t a podcast.

For example, you may decide that a written feature is the best way to share information along with relevant hotlinks. Or perhaps there are photos and videos you want to share.

Bringing all your content under one roof can help centralise your podcasts and all the other bits and bobs you do.

And you can give people a place to subscribe – not only to your podcast but everything else you do too. I use a free Mailchimp account that is connected to my RSS feed. It means that when I publish a post, the subscriber email is sent automatically.

There are plenty of free options for websites, but for the most flexibility – and ownership – I prefer to host my a WordPress site on my own hosting plan.

If you haven’t got a website for your podcast, then do consider it. And yes, get the domain name that’s the same name as your podcast (if at all possible).

If you have any questions about podcasts or WordPress website than do drop me a line.