Turn your podcast show notes into a book

Creating added value for your podcast subscribers is a great way to raise or boost your profile.

One way to do this is to create a PDF or digital book made up of the key points of your podcasts, collated show notes, or with extra information that will be of interest to your subscribers.

You can keep it simple with a small PDF of a few thousand words that you give away to new subscribers to your mailing list, give it away as a free-be to all, or go further and write a far more in-depth book that can be sold via print-on-demand sites such as IngramSpark – and offered as both a digital and hard copy publication worldwide.

If you enjoy writing then producing … Read the rest “Turn your podcast show notes into a book”

How to juice up your interviews

Sure, we all know to remove unwanted noises and mistakes from our podcasts, but audio editing can involve a lot more than the obvious. There’s an art to it that can really improve the impact your interviews have on your audience.

Get the inside track on editing interviews in this edition (37) of Podcasting Made Easy.

Who’s your biggest competition?

It’s old advice, but well worth repeating. After you have a good number of podcasts under your belt it’s a good idea to listen back to older shows to see what you can learn from your mistakes.

Well, perhaps mistakes is the wrong word. Listen back to decide what you can learn from your previous performances, your interviewing technique, and decide what you can do better next time.

Could you have asked your guest more interesting and relevant questions? Does your microphone technique need some work? Perhaps you went overboard on post production and audio processing?

No matter how much experience you have as a podcaster, you will always learn something about yourself by listening back to older shows. And by doing this you will … Read the rest “Who’s your biggest competition?”

How to build your podcast listener base

If you like shouting into the wind then making a podcast could be for you.

After all the technical aspects of recording and getting your podcast listed on the key platforms is done, the hard work begins – building an audience.

However, remember that 70% of podcasts are accessed via iTunes, so if you aren’t already listed there, stop listening now and get that step completed.

If you do little more than list your podcast without any promotion or marketing then you could be in for a lot of disappointment when it comes to show subscribers and listeners.

While you may have a website and a social media presence for your podcast, you will need to get your podcast in front of your potential audience.… Read the rest “How to build your podcast listener base”

How to interview your podcast guests

If you are knew to interviewing guests on your podcast you may feel a little nervous. That’s only natural.

However, the more you know about your guest, and the reason you are interviewing them, then the better you will feel going in, and the better the interview will be for you, the guest and more importantly, your listeners.

My golden rule is ‘never interrupt’ the interviewee when they’re answering a question. Which is really hard to do if they say something that make you want to chip in with a follow-up question before they’ve finished – don’t.

But listen to this edition of Podcasting Made Easy for my take on interviewing your podcast guests.

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Why you need to build an email database

Anyone who uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc will have heard of at least one person who has been banned, de-platformed, or had their account frozen for a few days.

Some people wear the postponement of services as a badge of honour, others are mortified, while others probably knew they were trying their luck with comments about current issues that the rest of us only talk about in whispers to trusted friends.

I was blocked from using Facebook the other week for 24 hours, and I still do not understand why. My messages to Facebook asking for an explanation went unanswered.

So what would happen if your audience were shut out of using social media, or if you found yourself … Read the rest “Why you need to build an email database”

The most important element of recording a podcast

It seemed every man, woman, and their dog wanted to start a podcast in 2020. I guess people suddenly had time on their hands and decided that the time was right to launch the podcast they’d been talking about for the past five years.

While plenty of people had the where-with-all to record something, plenty were stumped when it came to distributing their shows and getting them on the key podcast distribution sites.

Nevertheless, the most popular question was about which microphone to buy, closely followed by which app to record and edit with.

My view is that almost any microphone you have is likely good enough, where most people need to pay attention is the room in which they record in. And that’s the … Read the rest “The most important element of recording a podcast”