Best way to record interviews on location

While it’s all very nice sitting at home making podcasts, there’s nothing more exciting than actually getting out to events such as trade shows to interview people.

They can be people such as experts in their field who are visiting your town, people you might not normally get to meet. Or maybe you want to do a vox pop asking random people in the street their opinion about something.

Whatever the reason, how do you free yourself up from your studio to go do this?

I can tell you that it is easier than when I first started in radio when I would have to lug a reel to reel tape machine to interviews. Remember the Uher anyone?

The Uher 4000 Reporters ‘portable’ reel to reel tape machine.

Today you can use your phone or a digital recorder; but there are some tips and tricks you’ll need to know to get great results. Listen to my podcast for advice on recording interviews on location.

Tascam digital recorder.