One For Sorrow

In One for Sorrow, an assassin discovers that time is against her when it comes to changing her plans… A short story by Steve Hart.

In One for Sorrow, an assassin discovers that time is against her when it comes to changing her plans…

Suicide was the only possible answer. She was lying on the bed of a hotel room with a pistol in her left hand and dressed as though she was going to a party. Detective Rimmer turned away to look at her clothes scattered on the floor.

He had a 20-something daughter and so had an idea what the kids of today wore – and what he was looking at didn’t fit. The fabrics didn’t seem right, the colours certainly weren’t in fashion, and even the girl’s shoes didn’t look like any he’d seen his daughter wear.

Still, it was open and shut as far as he … Read the rest “One For Sorrow”

Which apps to record with

Steve Hart. Journalist and podcaster based in Melbourne.

In this short-and-sweet episode I suggest two apps to record and edit your podcast. One is completely free and the other has a generous free trial period that will give you plenty of time to experiment and try it out.

OcenAudio is a superb free app and Reaper provides a fully-featured and robust alternative to Audition and ProTools (at a fraction of the price).

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All the best, Steve.

Top movies and docos about radio

It goes without saying that I like everything about radio, even movies that feature radio stations.

The first movie I watched about radio must have been FM (pretty sure I left the cinema disappointed). Then came Good Morning Vietnam… So I thought it a good idea to pull together my top 5 along with some notable mentions…

5) FM

Released in 1978 the film FM is about fictional Los Angeles station Q-Sky and the battle between the station’s DJs and the suits who want more commercials and less music (sound familiar?).

We see a variety of cliché DJs who each have their personal problems and we get an insight into the pressure the station manager – played by Michael Brandon – faces as he has … Read the rest “Top movies and docos about radio”

Three microphone suggestions for podcasters

This week I am looking at three mic suggestions you might find interesting (along with a suggestion on using the mic in your pocket – give it a go).

I look at a tried and trusted mic used by many podcasters, a new Rode and a high end mic that I really like the sound of. And the good thing is, they are all dynamic microphones – which I prefer for home and office use over the more sensitive condenser mics.

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Beware of dual mono music on the RodecasterPro 2

I recorded a music show and while it sounded okay, I felt something was a bit off – but couldn’t put my finger on it. The music seemed to be stereo, but it wasn’t. There was something up and I had no idea what it could be. Was it just that I was listening to the output of a different mixer after all these years…? No, it was more than that.

A few days ago, I had time to delve deeper into the settings of the channels I use for music, and as I went through the processing options to turn each one off, right at the end, the final option was the stereo balance – or panning as Rode calls it.

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Local, local, local – where radio does it best

Picture shows an Arran Sound volunteer broadcasting from their home studio.

I’ve written a few posts promoting the benefits of local radio and hyper-local radio over the years. I’m a bit like a cracked record in that regard as I really believe that’s what radio should be used for.

I’m returning to the topic as a result of a long journey that took me to the website of Arran Sound, which serves the visitors and (hardy) residents of the Isle of Arran in Scotland. You see, in the 1980s I worked on some radio jingles for a DJ called Marty Ross and during a recent clear out came across a reel of tape featuring his jingles that I have since digitised.

In hunting for Marty a few weeks ago, to send him his old jingles … Read the rest “Local, local, local – where radio does it best”

Get to know your microphone

Steve Hart. Journalist and podcaster based in Melbourne.

No matter how much you spend on a microphone the key to getting the best from it is for you to get to know it. To treat it like a friend.

Only rarely can you just plug a mic in expect it to record a great performance. Every microphone has its own personality, it will like some things and not others.

It might pop a plosive at one angle and not another. It might sound great if you speak into in one direction, but not another.

Al mics have their sweet spot for your voice, and your environment also plays a part too.

So to record the best podcast, to get the best quality recording, means you have to understand what your mic likes and … Read the rest “Get to know your microphone”

Why less is more in station management

With New Year resolutions already a distant memory for most of us, the routine of running your radio station has probably returned.

Many programme controllers and station managers would have reflected on what they broadcast last year and made decisions about what will change this year to shake things up.

Shows that aren’t attracting audiences, or which may not fit the current direction of the station, will be (ever-so-nicely) dropped from the schedule and attention paid to what might replace them. First and foremost, live, local content – ideally hosted by someone in your town – will fill most of the slots.

And then it comes to the day-to-day running of your station. Most of you will think ‘what more can I do?’

However, I … Read the rest “Why less is more in station management”