Podcast editing and audio production

If you record a podcast and need help in post production – to level off the audio, remove unwanted noises, and cut out any sections – then I can help.

I’ll listen to your entire recording, perform editing as needed, audio sweetening, mix, gently enhance poor audio, and send you the enhanced version within three working days.

Got a recording with lots of unwanted background noise? Send me a clip and I’ll show you how I can improve it.

Routine treatments of your supplied audio include:

  • Reduce/remove breath noises / breath pops
  • Adjust volume for consistent levels across the whole recording
  • Beef up ‘thin’ audio
  • Remove distracting mouth clicks, pauses, ums, and ers…
  • Remove unwanted silent gaps
  • Gently enhance the overall audio quality
  • Meta data and supplied artwork added to the final MP3
  • Add your supplied intro / outro music

My rule of thumb is that podcast editing averages out at around three minutes per one minute of audio.

Rates are AU$75 per 30 minutes of supplied audio.

Extras include reducing room reverb – room-boom – to make the speaker clearer, and removing unwanted background noises. These can be complex processes that take time. Therefore I quote based on the file received.

Commercial voice overs and narration

Commercial voice overs and narration

Steve Hart…

…for your next voice over project

Regardless of the project, whether it’s a commercial, corporate training video, e-Learning, narration, medical or entertainment, the voice over requires a professional who delivers a read that meets the requirements of the client.

Naturally, Steve is dedicated to providing exactly what each client requires and provides recordings that are of a high technical standard and a joy to listen to.

Steve promises a fast turn-around and audio files your engineer can drop straight into the project.

Originally from London (UK), Steve now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

TV commercials and promotional videos voiced by Steve…

Rates are industry standard with a flexible approach – send your script for a free demo read.

See my profile on Voices123.

Voices123 Steve Hart listing

Clients include…

Anna Ginsburg
Peppermint Media
The Film Creative
Health Media NZ
Health Information NZ
Duygu Basara
Umbrella TV
NZME Radio

affixxius logo
The Film Creative

Let’s talk

Send a message, your script for a demo read, or request a call back…


    Pete, Affixxius: From the very start of the project we found Steve to be very helpful and a good communicator. We’re really pleased with the outcome and would certainly recommend him.

    Janolof, Big5 Film: In need of a British male voice over, Steve was a perfect choice for us. Great voice, with ease we got different versions to choose from. A multitude of different interpretations. All in all, perfect Thanks again for good work and quick turn around. Best regards,

    Umbrella TV: Thank you for the fast delivery and the professional work.

    Mike Saya: Great quality, great voice, great job! Excellent work as always.

    Jim Holstebro: I’m very happy – delivery even before promised, excellent performance, communication and service. All good.

    LA Rock: Very professional and high quality work! Thank you for the voice tracking. Outstanding work as always!

    Elorta Vlulish Hernendez: This is one of the best voice talents I have worked with. Thank you Steve!
    This might be the greatest voice over ever. It is perfect!!! Awesome job!

    John Cooperbets, Pixel Communications: Superb comms, speed and product, excellent service! Thank you!

    DJ Luke B I Have to say this was perfect! Love Steve’s voice.

    Ginny: Excellent. Just what we wanted and super fast.

    Rob: Outstanding production, over delivered, highly recommend, will use for future drops, id’s, jingles and intros.

    Kim Yuhi: Very impressed with the work and the timeliness. Thank you!

    Tajo: The voice over is exactly what I was hoping for, delivered ahead of time, and sounds incredible. I love Steve’s voice, professionalism, and caring attitude.

    Chloe: Lucid articulation with a very pleasing tone and style that fits perfectly our demand. Energetic, bright, strong…beautifully mastered. Thank you!

    Denney: Excellent work, quick turnaround. Couldn’t be happier.

    Risk: Outstanding! thank you for an exemplar recording. You have over delivered.

    Mark Holland: Cheers Steve and expert job. very happy indeed.

    Donny: Good comms, very helpful and quick delivery, what more can you ask for – thank you.

    Bob McReadie, Positively Classical Radio: [Station Idents] Brilliant job quickly delivered!

    Books by Steve Hart

    Podcasting Made Easy (2nd edition)


    I have read a half dozen books on Podcasting covering startup to monetizing to editing and this is by far the best one I’ve read. I have gotten more from this book than the other 6 combined! I highly recommend it!

    Mr Souza (Amazon)

    Order the paperback and Kindle via Amazon

    If you want to know all there is to start podcasting for fun and profit then Podcasting Made Easy will answer all your questions.

    Now in its 2nd edition, the fully revised, updated and expanded book – 70 pages – is even more helpful to new and seasoned podcasters.

    In Podcasting Made Easy Steve Hart takes you through the whole process of recording shows and preparing them for distribution via top podcast streaming services.

    Chapters include recording shows, podcast artwork, media law, how to interview people, making money with your podcast, and key technical advice.

    Word count: 21,500.

    Mayan and The Legion of Alice

    Buy the paperback or Kindle at Amazon, or listen to my audio book at Apple.

    This space adventure for young teenagers, and anyone who enjoys future fantasy, tells the story of Mayan Levantis.

    Mayan’s boogying along minding her own business ferrying people and cargo between Earth, the Moon and Mars – but then it all turns to custard.

    She finds herself in the middle of a fight and there’s no way out – unless she’s prepared to let all of humanity down.

    In this action adventure story we join pilot Mayan Levantis and discover how a vintage computer could free the people of Earth from the grip of corporations.

    Word count: 6,000.

    A sample from Mayan and The Legion of Alice.

    The Fall Guy

    Get paperback and Kindle at Amazon

    The Fall Guy is the fictional story of a scientist who puts his career on the line in his search for a cure for cancer. A tale of Big Pharma, a corrupt judiciary, and a battle for medical freedom.

    Read how Harold is lured into a trap of epic proportions and how his demise spurns a new generation of researchers. Harold’s going down, but somebody else will fall further.

    An intriguing short story that may just have a hint of truth. Read this gripping tale and share it with your friends.

    Word count: 6,000.

    Girl in the Camera

    Buy the paperback and Kindle at Amazon

    This features two tales from Steve Hart that will push your imagination to new limits.

    In Girl in the Camera, a down-on-his-luck news photographer goes one step too far to find out who owned a second-hand camera he bought.

    And in One for Sorrow, an assassin discovers that time is against her when it comes to changing her plans…

    Word count: 7,900.

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