While there are many people offering voice over services, there are not many with the years of experience Steve has. One way or another, he has been recording station liners and radio commercials on-and-off since the 1980s. And while there was a large gap – while Steve concentrated his efforts elsewhere – he returned to the studio in 2013. Bigger and better than before.

Regardless of the voice over project, whether it’s commercials, corporate, e-Learning, narration, promos, medical or entertainment, the voice over requires a professional who delivers a read that matches the requirements of the project perfectly.

Before standing in front of the microphone, Steve carefully reads every script to understand what needs to be emphasised, how it should be delivered, and will sometimes provide an alternate read to give the client and their sound engineer more to work with. He excels at over-delivering.

Naturally, Steve is dedicated to providing exactly what each client needs and provides recordings that are pin-sharp perfect, flawless, and a joy to listen to – and for audio engineers to work with.

Steve’s studio features a dedicated recording space, Electro Voice RE 27 N/D (used for radio broadcasts), there’s a Sennheiser MKH416, a Sennheiser ME66, pro cans from Sony, and top of the range monitor speakers. On the Mac is Adobe Audition.

Every recording sent to the client is clean and ready to drop into the project, and Steve will happily record a free custom demo by way of an audition.

TV commercials and promotional videos voiced by Steve…

Rates are industry standard with a flexible approach.

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